James Giddy

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, James Giddy moved to Western Australia at a young age with his family and was raised around the suburbs of Perth. Initially recognized through an internship with the Little Wing Corner Gallery in 2014 and public art for Form WA’s Public project, James Giddy has evolved his practice, painting murals in rural WA as well as internationally drawing inspiration from the landscapes, people and animals encountered along the way. 

Through the medium of painting the artist is able to push and pull emphasis, abstracting and glorifying the spaces in which the subject stands whilst removing it from any recognizable, physical environment. These ambiguous grounds and landscapes allow the viewer to bring his or her own contextual references and associations to the work, encouraging them to re-consider thoughts on their own actions and interactions with their immediate environments.

Artist CV

- Education -

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Curtin University

- Solo Exhibitions -

December 2016 - "Thoroughfare", Common Ground Collective, Fremantle

March 2016 - "Life's Natural Parth", Zig Zag Gallery, Kalamunda

September 2015 - "Dreams Aside", Open Studio, Floreat

November 2014 – "When Rain Makes Mud", Little Wing Corner Gallery, Subiaco

July 2014 - "Now I See", Cambodia Fundraising Exhibition, Peppermint Grove

- Selected Group Exhibitions -

February 2017 - The Other Side, Friday Studios, West Perth

December 2016 -  Art for ZERO, WA AIDS, PS Art Space, Fremantle

December 2016 - Curtin University Art Degree Show, Bentley

August 2016 - Emerge Youth Art Award, Nedlands

July 2016 - Fine Art at Hale, Hale School, Wembley Downs

July 2016 - Art of Symphony: Heath Ledger Theater, Perth

May 2016 - PLCOCA Exhibition, PLC Peppermint Grove

March 2016 - Finders Keepers, Little Wing Corner Gallery

July 2015 - Art of Symphony: Heath Ledger Theatre, Perth

July 2015 - Laneway Collective: Little Creatures Main Gallery, Fremantle

July 2015 - Hot Soup Gallery, Fremantle

June 2015 - Night Out for Nepal: Moore Gallery, Fremantle

May 2015 - I Heart Nepal: Little Wing Corner Gallery, Subiaco

May 2015 - Art for Spark: Pop-up Gallery Mount Hawthorn

May 2015 - PLCOCA Exhibition, PLC Peppermint Grove

April 2015 – pARTy: Studio 2, Leederville

December 2014 – Where the Fruit Grows: Little Creatures main Gallery, Fremantle

September 2014 – Roll on Rome: Little Wing Corner Gallery, Subiaco

June 2014 – The Axiom: Death Ray Boogie, Subiaco 

May 2014 – PLCOCA Exhibition, PLC Peppermint Grove

- Selected Public Art -

June 2016 - Little Wing Corner Gallery, Subiaco

May 2016 - Coogee St Carpark, Mt Hawthorn

January 2016 - Flux Lifeground, Kerobokan, Indonesia

January 2016 - Canggu, Indonesia

January 2016 - Fresh Provisions Carpark, Mt Lawley

December 2015 - Cleaver St Coffee Store, West Perth

December 2015 - IGA Express, Dwellingup

December 2015 - Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch

November 2015 - Senses Australia, Burswood. Commissioned by Brookfield Multiplex

November 2015 - Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch

April 2015 – Broken Hill Hotel, Victoria Park. Commissioned by Form WA

April 2015 – Water Corporation, Leederville. Commissioned by Form WA

March 2015 – The Good Store, Victoria Park, Commissioned by Form WA

November 2014 – Beaufort St Festival, Laneway Collective

August 2014 – Corner Markets: Little Wing Corner Gallery, Subiaco

December 2013 - Ocean Beach Hotel Beer Garden, Cottesloe

- Live Art -

November 2016 - Side Splitter Comedy Festival, Hamilton Hill

January 2016 - Art Games Grand Final, The Good Shepard

December 2015 - Art Games Preliminary Final, The Good Shepard

December 2015 - Light Up Leederville Festival

November 2015 - Art Games Semi Final, The Good Shepard

November 2015 - Little Creatures Hops and Hoops

October 2015 - Corner Gallery Photobomb #8

September 2015 - Art Games: Newport Hotel

August 2015 - Artists In Residence: Brisbane Hotel

July 2015 - Art of Symphony: Heath Ledger Theatre

March 2015 – Corner Gallery Photobomb #3

March 2015 – Fremantle Arts Festival; West End Weekender

March 2015 – Oasis Ball

November 2014 – Colab Festival 

November 2014 – Corner Gallery Wall to Wall#5

June 2014 – Corner Gallery Post Wall to Wall 1

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