Thoroughfare, a new body of work from James Giddy, will be open to public from December 10th – 16th, 2016 at Common Ground Collective, 82 High Street Fremantle. The artist will be present at the opening night on Friday December 9th from 5.30– 8pm.

Giddy’s most recent work has stemmed from an interest in the unknown, specifically the notion that what comes next cannot be predicted, hence placing an importance on every action one takes. This new direction ties in closely with the double-exposure type works the artist is renowned for, encouraging the viewer to reconsider a space and look beyond a single point of focus.

Looking at Tim Eitel’s Invisible Forces series and David Thomas’ Colour and Time works, Giddy further explores the unknown in the everyday, recognising and capturing individuals in an unexpected moment, then taking their action out of context, celebrating what is often overlooked. This aims to provide the audience with a platform to contemplate the moment of arrest when considering the process of a subconscious thought into realised action.

Through the medium of painting the artist is able to push and pull emphasis, abstracting and glorifying the spaces in which the figure stands whilst removing it from any recognizable, physical environment. These ambiguous grounds allow the viewer to bring his or her own contextual references and associations to the work, encouraging them to re-consider thoughts on their own actions.

James Giddy was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, however spent his childhood around the suburbs of Perth. Initially recognized through an internship with the Little Wing Corner Gallery in 2014 and public art for Form WA’s Public project, James Giddy has evolved his practice and Thoroughfare will mark his 5th solo exhibition. On the verge of finishing his Fine Art degree at Curtin University, Giddy will be exhibiting a separate body of work at the Curtin University Graduate show the week leading up to Thoroughfare.

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